We have a system ready for you, we are priced competitively, we can customize to meet your needs and most importantly we are an educational facility with the same needs and concerns as you. We understand the challenges you are facing with Alberta Educations mandated reporting requirements and we can help.

As a small school operator we struggled, like many, to find a basic system that would meet the reporting requirements without a large price tag attached. We felt strongly that an affordable, competent and easy to use SIS was missing from Alberta’s educational application marketplace, so we developed our own PASI enabled SIS.

Hosted on a secure and robust server network, SOAR is a PASI compliant student management tool with full support for traditional, home school, private and chartered organizations. SOAR offers dynamic customization opportunities, ongoing maintenance performed without down time, and flexible licensing agreements for home schooled students. SOAR also provides advanced user role and permission-based access opportunities as well as easy- to-address Core Alerts from PASI, and integrated student/family invoicing tools.

With the basic PASI requirements now met, we are working on other modules such as Student Management, IPP templates, Therapy Assessment templates and Teacher to Parent Interfaces which will all be available in the near future.

Please contact us to arrange a demonstration of Renfrew Educational Services PASI SIS, SOAR, at your convenience. We look forward to servicing the needs of others within our Province.

SIS Features

PASI Compliant

Our SIS provides you with full integration of required Alberta Education PASI registration requirements.


Each instance of SOAR is school specific and we can tailor the application to meet your needs.

Support for Parents

Our SIS can be configured to allow parent login with limited access for entering registration data and engaging teachers.

Our PASI Application Process

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